Bloombastic – The Bling Bling For Your Plants

We were wondering if Bloombastic was really all that it was talked up to what it claims to be.  What better way than to test it out ourselves.  So when used in conjunction with our regular fertilizer program on our tomato plants at Hydroharrys we noticed a 40% increase in flower sites and tomato size production.  With the testing done it can be said that Bloombastic is the most complete Bloom Stimulator on the market today.  This one bottle wonder will transform your garden by elevating it’s overall quality and yield.  Bloombastic is a highly concentrated pure mineral PK boost as well as a cutting edge plant metabolic booster.

Used by millions of gardeners worldwide, Bloombastic is a booster, accelerator, top hardener, quality improver and essential oils increasing product.  Bloombastic is an organic based product containing sea kelp and clay minerals.  Bloombastic is a European product formulated in Holland and reflects an NPK of (0-14-15).  Being an organic based product, we like that this can be used safely with all types of fertilizers and that we do not need to use 4 or 5 blooming additive products at one time saving us a lot of money.

Bloombastic is engineered to stimulate enzymatice processes on several levels increasing your plant’s resistance to stress factors sun as: heat, dry air, high light intensity, disease and nutrient deficiencies.  Bloombastic will elevate the performance of ANY brand of base nutrient transforming you into a Master Gardener.

Start using Bloombastic when flower buds first appear, mixing approximately 2 ml per gallon of nutrient solution.  This will usually occur during the last 4 to 6 weeks of the blooming and ripening stages of plant growth.  Typically, you will see results within the first 2 – 4 days.  As you increase Bloombastic’s dosage up to a maximum of 4 ml per gallon in the last weeks of blooming, you will see an even more dramatic effect from the PK boost and when the metabolic enhancers kick in.

Bloombastic can be used with all growing media and in combination with all feeding methods.  Keep using your base nutrients as normal while you add Bloombastic during the flowering cycle.  We found that less is more with Bloombastic keeping the dosage at 2 ml per gallon produced enough tomatoes to have many left over to give our customers on the counter our store.  We would highly recommend this product to any serious grower that wants to push the flowering and fruiting cycle to the limits.  In our next go around with Bloombastic, we plan our feeding our squash that we have started for our new grow room at our Warren store.  Be sure to stop by and check out the progress of the new state-of-the art grow area.

Bloombastic Key Points:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Stretches the flower cell, increasing intake capacity of potassium
  • Triggers the sugar and bloom production
  • Creates more compact and heavier looms
  • Increases essential oils
  • Ensures shorter flowering stage
  • Contains 50% more phosphorus than competitive bio-stimulants
  • Suitable to use in hydroponics, soil, coco and all growing media

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