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Advanced Nutrients Now Available at HydroHarrys

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

We are extremely excited to let you know about our newest line at HydroHarrys, Advanced Nutrients. They offer a complete line of nutrients to get your indoor garden blooming.

They have a number of baseline nutrients, including as a Grow/Micro/Bloom line, a Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom line, a Connoisseur A + B line, and an organic line called Iguana Juice.

Advanced also offers a very extensive line of supplementary nutrients, boosters, and other micro-nutrient compounds. These include B-52 Fertilizer Booster, Voodoo Juice, Overdrive, No-Shock, CarboLoad, Kushie Kush, Bud Factor X, Nirvana, Revive, Rhino Skin, SensiZym, Final Phase, and Big Bud.

As you can see, Advanced has a ton of product and all of the staff at HydroHarrys have been reading up on all of the particulars so we can help you get exactly what you need to get your desired results.

Sun System Ballasts Explained

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Sunlight Supply offers a complete line of magnetic ballasts for your indoor grow. Here at HydroHarrys, we carry the Sun System 1, 6, and 10.

The top-of-the-line Sun System 1 is designed and assembled at Sunlight Supply’s manufacturing center in Vancouver, Washington. (Made in the USA!!!) There are several exclusive features built into the Sun System 1. It is designed with more space around the components to allow more airflow for ventilation, prolonging the life of the ballast. It also serves to keep the heat emitted from the ballast to a minimum. The Sun System 1 also has an exclusive EZ Cap Door, which offers easy access to the capacitor in the event that it needs to be replaced. All of the Sun System magnetic ballasts have the Power Pointer feature, which allows the ballast to be run at 120 or 240 volts. Just flip the Power Pointer over and you are ready to run your ballast at the voltage that best suits your situation. Sun System 1 ballasts are available in 400 Watt MH or HPS, 600 Watt HPS, and 1000 Watt MH or HPS.

Sun System 1 Magnetic Ballast

The Sun System 6 ballast is made exactly the same as the Sun System 1, in the USA. The only difference is that the Sun System 6 is switchable, meaning that one ballast can switch between running both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs with a simple flip of a switch. The Sun System 6 is only available in a 1000 Watt configuration.

The Sun System 10 Crop Master ballast is made with the same parts as the Sun System 1 and 6. The main differences are that it is assembled overseas and doesn’t have the same amount of space around the components of the ballast. Even though the Sun System 10 is the economy ballast that we carry here at HydroHarrys, it is extremely durable and will ensure years of trouble free use.If the SS-1 is a Cadillac, then the SS-10 is a Chevy. They are built overseas to keep costs down.The Sun System 10 comes in 400 Watt MH, HPS and switchable, 600 Watt HPS, and 1000 Watt MH, HPS and switchable.

Sun System 10 Magnetic Ballast